How to Find Urgent Dental Care Near You in Las Vegas

Posted on: July 23, 2020 | Dentists Las Vegas

If a tooth is hurting badly and the pain is distracting, or you notice other concerning dental issues, you may need urgent dental care. Many offices offer urgent dental care in Las Vegas, but comparing or researching options might not be possible when you need care fast. Here are a few fast and easy ways to find urgent dental near you, and what to look for when you don’t have time to make a lengthy comparison.

How to Find Urgent Dental Care in Las Vegas

When looking for urgent dental care offices near you in Las Vegas, you may not have time for a consultation or a long conversation. If your tooth pain is distracting, keeping you from work, or you suspect an infection has started, you’ll want to get help right away. If it’s difficult to speak or even hard to think, ask a friend or family member to help you look for the right office. You might also try writing down your concerns or questions as you look for urgent dental care.

Call a Dental Office Near You

First, call an urgent dental care office near you in Las Vegas, and ask about getting an emergency appointment as soon as possible. Tell the office what symptoms you’re having, and ask about options available. For example, if you’re experiencing a lot of tooth pain, the most affordable option might be getting the tooth pulled, though a root canal might also be possible. If you’re concerned about the cost, ask about payment plans and financing options, including interest rates on payment plans.

Read Dental Office Reviews

One of the quickest ways to find urgent dental care near you in Las Vegas is probably what you’re doing right now. The internet can be a great resource for comparing services fast. Look for reviews on different offices, including both good and bad reviews. See what other patients have been critical about. If other patients have many concerns about the level of care or cleanliness, it may be a concern. If you see reviews about wait times or cancellations, it probably isn’t a concern when making an emergency visit.

Talk to Your Primary Care Doctor

Your family doctor or an emergency care clinic can be a good resource for immediate care, and may also be able to recommend a dentist near you. Your doctor may be able to give you an initial idea of what the problem is, especially if you have an infection, and give you pain medication or antibiotics. Even if you receive treatment or medication from your doctor, you should still schedule an emergency dental appointment at a clinic near you. Many doctors, emergency clinics and hospitals will not resolve the source of the problem, resulting in more visits later on. A dentist will be able to resolve the problem and see if your other teeth or gums have been affected.

Ask Friends and Family for Recommendations

Talking to your friends and family about their dental care can help you find urgent dental care near you in Las Vegas fast. Ask your friends and family if they have had dental problems similar to what you’re experiencing, and what their dentist did to help. Ask about pricing and payment plans, as well as the level of care they received. This will give you a more complete picture of the dental offices near you.

Look for Dental Schools Nearby

If you’re concerned about costs but you need emergency dental care, a dental school can be an affordable option. Many dental schools in Las Vegas offer public outreach programs to educate students and also provide dental care to the community. These programs are supervised by licensed, professional dentists. Students participate in these programs only after a set level of training and education. Remember, dental care that is not provided by a trained professional can be hazardous to your health. When looking for emergency dental care near you in Las Vegas, always put your health and wellbeing first.



When you make an emergency dental appointment, you can get into a dental office fast. Make a regular appointment if the situation isn’t an emergency. If you’re unsure what is considered a dental emergency, call your emergency dental office in Las Vegas and tell them about your symptoms. If you need care now, find a dental office near you in Las Vegas or Henderson, NV or Lake Havasu, AZ.


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