5 Considerations When You Need a Tooth Extraction in Las Vegas

Posted on: January 15, 2019 | Patient Education

What to Do When You Need a Tooth Extraction in Las VegasWhen teeth are decayed, cracked, or otherwise damaged, they can quickly become very painful. In these cases, removing the tooth can stop the pain and prevent further decay to other teeth. However, many people aren’t sure where to get safe, affordable tooth extraction in Las Vegas, where to look, or even if tooth extraction is within their budget when they don’t have insurance. If you need a tooth extraction, take action, and consider the following advice.

5 Considerations When You Need a Tooth Extraction in Las Vegas

1. When Does a Tooth Need to Be Extracted?

Damaged teeth are typically a result of either tooth decay, infection, or injury. Tooth decay is caused by bacteria that produce acids which erode the teeth. The damaged sections in teeth are then susceptible to infection. Trauma to the face, often from accidents or sports, may cause teeth to crack. When either of these problems occur, you may need tooth extraction from a professional in Las Vegas.

If you suspect a tooth extraction is necessary, the procedure should be scheduled as soon as possible. As time passes, tooth decay or infection may worsen and spread. It is much harder to brush and floss a painful tooth, and as a result, the surrounding teeth become more likely to be damaged by bacteria. See a dentist immediately if you notice any of the following:

  • Dark yellow, brown or black discoloration on the tooth
  • Swelling, redness or other discoloration around the gums
  • Difficulty while brushing, or chewing
  • A visible crack in the tooth
  • A chipped tooth, or one with sharp and jagged edges
  • Tooth pain that has become a regular distraction

Keep in mind that tooth extraction is not the only option to stop pain and decay. Decayed teeth can often be saved through a root canal procedure or dental crowns. Though tooth extraction is more affordable, make sure to carefully consider all your options, such as dental implants or dentures.

2. Schedule a Consultation

Tooth Extraction in Las VegasIf any of the above symptoms sound familiar to you, the first step is to get a consultation. Many dental offices in Las Vegas offer no-cost consultations for tooth extractions, where the dentist can assess the problem and give you options. At this stage, the dentist can also estimate the cost of the extraction, as different types of extractions are more complicated and therefore more expensive than others.

At your consultation, your dentist can tell you what type of extraction you need, and notify you of any additional care needed. Teeth extractions fall into one of two categories:

  • Simple extraction: When teeth are visible and strong enough to withstand physical force, they can be removed without surgery through a simple extraction. You’ll receive anesthetic and the dentist will remove the tooth and roots using forceps and a rocking and pulling motion. This type of extraction is easier, faster, and less expensive.
  • Surgical extraction: This requires the dentist to make an incision in the gums to remove parts of the teeth, roots, or attached bone. One example of this is wisdom teeth removal, but it’s also useful for teeth that are not strong enough to be removed through simple extraction, or those that are damaged below the gum line. These procedures are more complex and more expensive.

At your consultation, your dentist should be able to give you a price or at least a price range for your extraction. They may also give you other options and prices for repairing the tooth or teeth with a root canal or crowns.

3. Compare Prices for Your Tooth Extraction

Different dentists charge different amounts for tooth extraction, and you may find that prices vary more than you thought. If your general dentist in Las Vegas, Nevada, or Arizona, is not a Boston Dental Group office, then ensure that you schedule a consultation with one of our dental offices to ensure that you have access to the best care and cost for your procedure. If your pain is unmanageable, schedule just one consultation and complete your price comparisons by phone for your recommended procedure.

4. Compare Reviews

While it doesn’t make sense to pay more than you should, don’t let price endanger your oral health. Ask friends and family members about their dentists, and compare online reviews as well to make sure you are working with a qualified professional. Though most tooth extractions are safe and relatively risk-free, complications can arise if the extraction is not done properly. Never attempt to extract a tooth yourself and never get a tooth extraction from anyone other than a professional dentist, orthodontist, or oral surgeon. Resulting infections, bleeding, nerve damage, displaced blood clots, and other complications resulting from improper extractions can cause severe pain, permanent injuries, and even fatalities.

5. Get a Zero-interest Payment Plan

Many dentists in Las Vegas, including all Boston Dental Group offices, offer dental financing plans to make dental procedures easier to pay for. This means you don’t have to wait or save up to get the tooth extraction you need.

When you need a tooth extraction in Las Vegas, you can save money by choosing a dentist who offers zero-interest payment plans. With this plan, you pay only the cost of the procedure over a series of payments, with no interest tacked on. If you were considering putting the expense on a credit card and making payments, or borrowing money with interest, a zero-interest payment plan with your dentist is a more economic option.



If your tooth is causing you pain, making it difficult to eat and brush, don’t wait for the problem to get worse. Call us now or schedule an appointment at one of our offices in regard to your tooth extraction. During the consultation, we will provide a recommendation for your care, a quote for services, and discuss insurance and financing as needed for your extraction.


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