Oral Cancer Screening in Las Vegas

Are you at risk of oral cancer?

One person dies of oral cancer every hour of every day in America. It has become the sixth leading cancer among men and is one of the few cancers in which the rate of detection is increasing among young adults. Most people are not aware of the potential risks; however, when detected early enough, the survival rate for oral cancer is very high.

At one time, oral cancer was seen predominantly among smokers. However, oral cancer is increasingly being seen in patients of all ages. Although smoking is still a leading factor, many other criteria such as age, family history, ethnicity and alcoholic consumption also play a role. Many experts have surmised that an increasing cause is exposure to the HPV virus, which is the primary precursor of cervical cancer. These various factors all point towards the need for better technology to assist in the early detection of this curable disease.

Quick & Painless Evaluation with VELscope!

We at BDG use a new and exciting technology called VELscope®, which utilizes a narrow band of safe, high-energy blue light and specialized filtering technology to help thoroughly evaluate the oral tissue for abnormal areas of concern, such as potentially cancerous lesions that may not be evident under white light.

VELscope will be offered as the standard of care for all new patients as part of their initial exam and for returning patients on an annual basis.

We believe that this new technology will assist us in detecting disease at earlier stages and therefore catch abnormalities before they turn into cancer.

Your insurance may or may not cover the fee for this care. Coverage for this procedure (like most dentist procedures) usually varies among insurance companies; however, this minimal fee is well worth the benefit that this new device provides. These screenings will decrease your chances of needing to see a Las Vegas emergency dentist, so don’t delay if you feel you are at risk.

Please give us a call at 702.388.8888 or schedule an appointment if you have any questions. We look forward to seeing you at your next visit. You can find more information at http://www.velscope.com.

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