Love Your Smile Within 2 Weeks

Posted on: August 22, 2016 | Blog

With all of the celebrities flashing their perfect, pearly whites it can be difficult to not be self conscience. Even if you have slightly crooked teeth, a small space or a mildly stained smile you are thinking about your dental options. Some people even go to the extreme of resetting their jaw just to have their dream smile, but this is completely unnecessary. Well, not to mention it is also a $75,000 procedure. And regardless of how good your health insurance you may be, many dental procedures are seen as being cosmetic so your insurance will not be footing the bill. But thankfully there are things you can do at home for a small cost that can literally make you love your smile more within a few short weeks.

Teeth whitening in Las Vegas can start at home. Before you head to the dentist for an overpriced teeth whitening session try some over the counter products. There are great whitening products on the market and so many of them have surfaced recently. Just 10 years ago there were barely any options and now there are almost too many to choose from. Without even naming any brands there are whitening toothpastes, mouthwashes, dental floss options, brush ups, wisps, gels, strips and more! It can make your head spin. Where do you start?

Well, daily you can use the whitening toothpaste, mouthwash and dental floss. Keep a set of whitening wisps or brush ups in your car so you can freshen up your smile whenever or wherever. The next step would be to try a whitening gel. It is usually faster acting and cheaper than the strips. Use this for a week or however long the package instructs. If you want more extreme results then invest in a pack of the whitening strips. And whitening your smile is not the only way to love it.

Place yourself in front of a mirror and practice smiling. It may sound a little tacky, but it can help. Your smile will look better from a certain angle and depending on how wide it is. Find out your best angle and smile and you are guaranteed to like it more. The best Las Vegas cosmetic dentist can give you additional advice on how to love your smile, but it all being with being comfortable with yourself and upping that confidence.


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