What Is Considered an Emergency Wisdom Tooth Extraction?

Posted on: June 9, 2020 | Dentists Las Vegas

Most people in the U.S. have their wisdom teeth extracted in their teens or early twenties in order to avoid complications. Others aren’t able to have their wisdom teeth extracted at this time, and might wait. In these cases, situations can sometimes arise that can require emergency wisdom tooth extraction. If you’re not sure if you should wait or get your wisdom teeth extracted right away, look for these signs and symptoms.

5 Emergency Wisdom Tooth Extraction Conditions to Watch Out For

1. Frequent or Intense Pain

An occasional or mild toothache is generally not cause for alarm. There are many things that might cause occasional tooth pain. However, if you’re frequently feeling pain in the same area, or the pain is intense and distracting, it’s time to visit your dentist. If the pain is towards the back of your mouth, your wisdom teeth might be to blame, and emergency wisdom tooth removal may be required.

The pain that you’re feeling may be the result of pericoronitis. Since there is not enough space in your mouth for your wisdom teeth to come in like your other back molars would, they often come in crooked and erupt through the gums. When the tissue around these erupting teeth becomes inflamed, pericoronitis occurs.

2. Infection

Since wisdom teeth don’t have enough space to come in properly, they often come in at odd angles through the gums. This not only causes pain (see above) but it can also make the tissues around the impacted teeth more vulnerable. Bacteria can squeeze into the spaces around the tooth that are hard to brush, or they might attack the thin gum tissue around the wisdom teeth before they surface. These areas at the back of the mouth are also difficult to brush and floss, so bacteria may build up even when you’re diligent about dental care. All of this can lead to infection.

An infection can occur anywhere in your body, including your mouth. If you notice a persistent bad taste in your mouth, bad breath, blisters, pus, pain or discoloration, you may have an infection. If you’re brushing and flossing diligently but you’re still getting signs of infection around your wisdom teeth, it’s time for emergency wisdom teeth removal. Persistent infections can seriously damage your other teeth, gums, jawbone, and can even affect neighboring areas like your eyes, nose, or even your brain.

3. Redness and Swelling

If you notice redness or swelling around the back of your mouth, your wisdom teeth might be irritating the gum tissue. This is also a symptom leading up to infection, but it can be painful and problematic by itself. As your wisdom teeth appear, they may push the gum tissue upward. This might cause you to bite down on the gum tissue while you’re chewing, which will cause redness and swelling over time. Redness and swelling, overall, indicate damage to the tissue, whether from bacterial attack or force. If wisdom teeth are the cause, this problem won’t get better on its own, and it’s time for emergency wisdom teeth extraction.

4. Bleeding

This is another symptom that can accompany infection, damage from biting down on raised gum tissue, or other causes. Except for the occasional lip-biting or tongue-biting incident, bleeding anywhere in the mouth is a bad sign. You should see your dentist right away if you notice this. If you notice this around the back of your mouth, especially around impacted wisdom teeth, it may mean your wisdom teeth are causing damage. This is a sign that you need emergency wisdom tooth extraction.

5. Tooth Decay

Wisdom teeth are at the very back of your mouth and are difficult to brush and floss, especially if they’re only partially exposed or coming in at odd angles. This can create tiny pockets for bacteria to congregate and multiply in. When these bacteria aren’t brushed or flossed away, they start to eat away at tooth enamel, invade the tooth’s inner structures, and cause tooth decay and cavities. This might occur in the partially-visible wisdom teeth, or the surrounding teeth.

Tooth decay can be difficult to notice in its early stages. It happens slowly, so you might not feel it or see it. Your dentist has special tools to remove hard-to-reach plaque, so visiting your dentist often can help to prevent tooth decay. If you notice discoloration around the teeth, redness, swelling, gum recession, or pain, these may be signs of more advanced tooth decay.



Generally, it’s a good idea to remove wisdom teeth early to prevent complications later on. If you experience any of the symptoms listed above, you may need emergency wisdom tooth extraction in Las Vegas. Talk to your dentist as soon as possible if you experience these symptoms, and ask about wisdom tooth extraction.



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