How to Minimize Embarrassing Odors That Come from Your Dentures

Posted on: February 24, 2016 | Blog

man holding dentures in a glass of water

Your mouth is a warm, dark and moist environment, which creates ideal growing conditions for bacteria. As bacteria grow, they make metabolic products that release gases. These gases may have foul odors that linger in your mouth and on your dentures. When you have your dentures in Las Vegas created, you can make sure that they fit properly so that there is a minimum of space between your palate and the denture. You can also follow these simple tips on caring for your dentures.

Foods to Avoid

Certain foods and drinks make it more likely that your dentures will develop an odor. Dairy products are some of the greatest offenders when it comes to odors, as the heat in your mouth may cause small particles of the foods to ferment. If you consume milk, cheese or yogurt, rinse your mouth afterward. This helps to release any leftover particles so that they do not linger on in your mouth and cause odors.


Once each day, allow your dentures to soak in a solution as directed by your dentist. Soaking your dentures helps any bacteria or food particles to get off of the surfaces. You could let your dentures soak for a short time while you shower and get dressed, or allow them to soak overnight for several hours while you are sleeping.


Cleaning your dentures every day at home is also essential for stopping odors from developing. Use a recommended denture cleaner and brush all of the surfaces of the denture. Thoroughly rinse the dentures before placing them into your mouth. When you visit your dentist for a semi-annual oral health exam, bring your dentures with you. Many dentists have equipment that can professionally clean the denture and help to release the odors that have built up in the plastic material of the dentures.


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