DIY Dentures: How to Clean Your Dentures Naturally

Posted on: July 21, 2016 | Blog

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Even though you may have dentures as opposed to natural teeth, denture care is still of the utmost importance. The way that you would clean your dentures is very different than taking care of natural teeth. This is why this article will give you DIY techniques for cleaning your dentures with items you already have at home.

Denture Cleaning Techniques

Dentists in Las Vegas can help you find solutions when pastes and tablets are too expensive. You can remove dentures and clean them with household soaps. These soaps are mild, but can be a great way to clean your dentures at a low cost. Apply soap on a soft brush and rinse with warm water.

You should use either a nailbrush or a soft toothbrush on your dentures. You can also use a denture brush. A denture brush is different from a regular toothbrush in that it is slightly larger and has two heads. Denture brushes can be found at your local pharmacy.

Cleaning Your Dentures the Right Way

Since we spent most of our lives brushing our natural teeth with toothpaste, some people might think that it’s okay to use on your dentures. This is not the case. Toothpaste contains tiny particles that helps take off plaque from your teeth. Since dentures are made from softer materials than tooth enamel, the abrasive grains can damage them by scratching the surface. These scratches can serve as a hiding place for bacteria, which can cause bad odors and discoloration.

When cleaning your dentures in your sink, line your sink with a towel. If you drop your dentures in the sink, they can break into pieces. Dentures are expensive to replace, so a towel can keep them intact if you drop them.

Last Tips

When you’re told that you need to wear dentures by  dentists Las Vegas practitioners will tell you that a lot of care has to go into them. If you want to take some of the burden off of yourself, consider purchasing an ultrasonic denture cleanser. It’s a countertop device that can get into all of the crevices that are unreachable with brushes. You can purchase them in housewife stores for $45-$60.


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