Choosing the Healthiest Holiday Treats for Your Teeth

Posted on: December 14, 2015 | Blog

Each year during the holiday season, tables abound with sweet, sticky and crunchy treats. While these treats may taste great, they can also cause problems like cavities, tartar and gum disease with your teeth and gums. Some treats can even increase your risk of a chipped or cracked tooth. Any holiday tooth pain should be checked out by dentists in Las Vegas, but you may be able to prevent many tooth issues by making healthy selections at the holiday treat table.

Fresh Fruit

One of the healthiest and tastiest treats for your teeth that can be found on most holiday tables is fresh fruit. Kebabs of freshly cut fruit made into festive shapes are a healthy, low calorie treat that can satisfy your sweet tooth without increasing your risk of cavities. Skip the sticky caramel dips. If you do have a big sweet tooth, try one or two pieces of the fruit dipped into a fountain of dark chocolate.


Many holiday treat tables offer slices of seasonal breads such as pumpkin and banana nut bread. These treats are lower in sugar content and do not have hard items that could chip your teeth. A slice of pumpkin or banana bread also includes fiber and vitamins. Skip the slices with icing and opt for plain bread instead, as the fruits have enough natural sugars.

Hot Cocoa or Cider

Hot cocoa and mulled or spiced hot cider are also great options to satisfy your holiday sweet tooth. You can add flavor to cocoa by swirling a candy cane or peppermint stick into the liquid. Avoid the sticky syrups or dollop of whipped cream. Try a sprinkle of cinnamon or nutmeg instead. Cayenne pepper adds a bit of a kick if you like a hotter chocolate. Be sure to brush your teeth and floss them during or after the party to remove any sugary residue from your teeth.



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