Three Reasons Why You Should Use Prescription Toothpaste

Posted on: December 11, 2015 | Blog

Line of pink toothpaste on the bristles of a blue toothbrush

If your teeth are not as healthy as you would like them to be, or if you are prone to cavities or have frequent tooth sensitivity, your dentist in Summerlin may recommend that you use a prescription toothpaste. Prescription toothpastes have a higher concentration of calcium, fluoride and other beneficial minerals. These toothpastes help to treat many different oral health problems. If you have any of these dental conditions, a prescription toothpaste might be right for you.

Prone to Cavities

If you are prone to cavities, your dentist is likely to recommend that you use a prescription toothpaste for brushing your teeth. The prescription toothpaste may offer more protection than regular off the shelf toothpastes that are available in the drugstore or grocery store. Prescription toothpastes may be able to strengthen your resistance to the bacteria that cause cavities to develop. You will need to brush your teeth after each meal with the toothpaste.

Thin Enamel

If your teeth have thin enamel, you may experience sensitivity, discoloration and structural problems with your teeth. Although it is not possible to grow a thicker layer of enamel, using a prescription toothpaste can help you to protect the enamel that you already have. The calcium and fluoride in the toothpaste help to re-mineralize the enamel on each tooth’s surface, protecting you from damage caused by foods, drinks and bacteria.


A prescription toothpaste can help to reduce your sensitivity to hot and cold foods and foods and drinks that are sweet. The toothpaste is able to do this by helping to promote overall good health. It also helps reduce sensitivity by sealing up tiny gaps in the structure of your tooth’s enamel. A strong layer of enamel helps to protect the innervated root and dentin portions of your teeth, which is where sensitivity is produced.


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