Tooth Fairy Door Opens the Path to Fairy World and Dental Awareness

Posted on: November 27, 2012 | Blog

multi colored fairy doors
These doors are designed to only open inward, toward Fairy World
Main photo by: TheEnchantedDoor

There’s a growing trend when it comes to lost baby teeth:  tooth fairy doors. What is a tooth fairy door? It’s the door that connects our world to the Fairy World, of course. If you’ve ever been asked by your little ones how the tooth fairy navigates her way to their rooms, now you can give visual proof of her entry point.

a rainbow fairy door
Fairy doors can come in all shapes and sizes


 Photo by WINIBI


Most tooth fairy doors can either be free standing or hanging, and some include ornate details like working knockers and “fairy dust”. In addition to captivating you child’s imagination, the tooth fairy door is very useful for those tooth fairies who have a hard time locating little teeth without waking the sleeping owner in the process. As an added bonus, it also makes a great conversation piece.

castle themed fairy door
You can get a fairy door to match any theme.


 Photo by FrenchHollowFarm


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