Teeth Issues Top Reason For Youth Hospital Visits

Posted on: July 28, 2014 | Blog

When it comes to dental hygiene, kids are frequently delinquent in their teeth cleaning habits. It’s hard to get children to practice proper dental hygiene, especially younger kids aged five to nine. But a recent finding may put some fear into the eyes of children everywhere. Young children are being admitted to hospitals and having multiple teeth pulled at an alarming rate, making teeth problems the number one cause of youth hospital visits. But why are so many kids going to the hospital to have their mouth worked on?

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A Rise In Hospital Visits

Over the past year, hospital visits requiring multiple tooth extractions for children ranging from five to nine years old have grown significantly. More than 3,000 cases of tooth extractions in young children were performed over the past year than the previous year, bringing the number of kids who have had multiple teeth taken out at hospitals to 25,812 during 2013-14. Of these cases, many of the children required anywhere from four to all twenty of their baby teeth to be extracted. Additionally, the number of teeth extractions for kids aged from newborn to four has been on the rise in recent years.

What’s Causing The Increase?

One of the main reasons dentists believe that young children are being forced to have their teeth removed is the lack of a healthy diet. Eating a proper diet not only keeps your body and mind alert and focused, but helps maintain your teeth and keeps them strong. Another factor that is thought to be a reason of concern is the lack of knowledge concerning the effectiveness of fillings. Baby teeth that require fillings but are not painful have been a topic of discussion for dentists for years, and no final verdict has been reached about the effectiveness of fillings on young children’s teeth.

Don’t Let This Happen To Your Children

While some kids are afraid of a dentist’s chair, it pales in comparison to the horror that a hospital room provides. Make sure to check your children’s teeth frequently and ensure they are practicing proper dental hygiene procedures.

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