Dentists Reveal How Exercise Can Help Improve Oral Health

Posted on: May 20, 2013 | Blog

Poor dental health has been linked to a wide variety of diseases that affect the rest of the body. We all know exercise is good for your body, and it turns out it’s good for your mouth as well. Here’s why:

(1) It burns off excess carbohydrates.

Carbohydrates and Bread


Excess sugar and carbohydrates contribute to tooth decay. While exercise can’t do anything about these things going into your mouth and onto your teeth, it will help keep your blood sugar under control. It also helps keep your weight where it should be, and obesity is a known contributor to tooth decay.

(2) It reduces inflammation.

Inflammation is bad for your body in general and is also a contributor to gum disease. Exercise reduces inflammation in the body, including the gums – therefore reducing the incidence of gum disease.

(3) It helps the body use nutrients more effectively.

A Variety of Vegetables

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Eating a healthy diet won’t do any good if your body can’t effectively use the vitamins and minerals in what you eat, including those needed for a healthy mouth. Exercise helps your body absorb and utilize the nutrients it needs to stay healthy and avoid nutrient deficiencies.

(3) It helps prevent diabetes.

There’s a significant link between diabetes and poor dental health. Regular exercise, along with reduced sugar consumption, helps your body regulate your blood sugar and prevents diabetes from affecting you.

(4) It improves circulation.

Exercise improves your blood circulation, allowing oxygen and nutrients to reach your body’s tissues more effectively. This means your teeth and gums will benefit as well, making you less likely to suffer from oral health problems.

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