Got Pranked on April Fools? Return the Favor with these Dentistry Themed Pranks

Posted on: April 12, 2013 | Blog

Did you get pranked by someone this April Fools Day?  If so, now is the time to wipe that smile off their face with these dentistry themed pranks! Here are four ideas from your trusted Las Vegas dentists here at BDG.

april fools day pranks

1. Blue Teeth
Here’s an idea: put a tiny drop of food coloring in the center of a toothbrush, the same color as the bristles. Your unsuspecting victim will end up with a blue mouth once they start brushing!

2. Blue Faucet Water
Turn the bathroom faucet’s water blue using nontoxic dye pellets designed to tint children’s bathwater. Just unscrew the cap on the faucet and stick a few colored tabs inside. Voila, when the water is turned on, it will run blue (or the color of your choice).

3. Breath Mint & Soda
We all know what happens when you combine Mentos with soda. Take that process a step further with this prank (you may want to plan a picnic outdoors for this).

4. Frozen Toothbrush Prank
And last but not least, freeze your friend’s toothbrush in a paper cup. When it’s frozen solid, peel the cup away and put the toothbrush back in the stand nonchalantly.

Do be safe however you prank. And leave us a comment! Have you tried one of these before? Let us know how it goes.