How Your Dentist Could Help You Get a Date

Posted on: April 9, 2013 | Blog

Nothing exudes more confidence than the charm and allure of a beautiful smile and a set of perfect, pearly whites, but did you know that we are actually genetically programmed to be attracted to nice teeth? That’s right, a recent study revealed that a healthy set of teeth can be a determining factor in whether or not someone finds you attractive.

a healthy smile can help you find love

The study analyzed the responses of 150 men and women. Each were shown multiple photos of the same model, and asked to rate which one was the most attractive. The only difference in each photo was either the spacing or shade of the teeth. Results showed that healthy spacing and color were by far the favorite, while odd spacing or yellowing color cost the model some beauty points. Oddly enough, unnaturally (bleached) white teeth were NOT rated as being more attractive than natural shades of white.  So while that bleached smile might look great on your profile picture, the human subconscious (apparently) cannot be fooled as easily. How can you achieve a natural, healthy smile? Check out BDG and make an appointment today with the best cosmetic dentists Las Vegas has to offer..