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Posted on: March 13, 2013 | Article

Need an Orthodontist in Summerlin?

For the best dentist care and orthodontics in Nevada, BDG is here for you. We offer friendly, convenient and gentle dentistry services at twelve state-of-the-art locations. We’re proud of our track record and the convenience we offer through our numerous expert dentists.

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Everybody knows how important it is to smile, and we all want our smile to shine through. This means regular dentistry based work and, for many people, treatment by an orthodontist. Orthodontistry helps make sure your teeth come in, and stay straight. Their work can be purely cosmetic, ensuring a patient has nice-looking teeth, or it can be medical, depending on the severity of the case. In short, an orthodontist is the dentist who works with braces and retainers.


Orthodontistry Facts

  • appointment buttonAll orthodontists are dentists, but with more training
  • Adults looking for braces make up roughly 25% of all orthodontic work
  • Orthodontists must study for at least two years in an orthodontic residency program
  • Most orthodontic treatments take 12-36 months to complete
  • Nearly 4 million people are involved in some form of orthodontic treatment

When Do I Need an Orthodontist?

Abnormal bites typically become noticeable between the ages of six and twelve, and orthodontic treatment usually begins between ages eight and fourteen. While it is best for treatment to begin while a child is still growing, this does not mean adults can’t have braces – teeth can be treated by an orthodontist at any age. If you require the services of an orthodontist in Las Vegas, give us a call at 702.388.8888 for more information.