Routine Dental Check-ups

The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends that you schedule routine dentist check-ups a minimum of twice a year. During the visits, you will receive a routine or maintenance cleaning to eliminate plaque buildup and stains.

In addition, we always recommend that our patients have an oral exam and checkup x-rays done to detect any tooth decay or dental problems. Routine dental check-ups can help with the detection of oral health problems long before the onset of symptoms.

Our knowledgeable Las Vegas cosmetic dentists and hygienists offer a wide range of general dental services. Please see below for the general dental services we offer, and visit the pages under the Services tab for detailed descriptions of some of the services.

Benefits of Routine Dental Check-ups

Patients who schedule annual dental check-ups twice per year avoid many complications that can result from tooth decay. By investing regular time and attention into your teeth, you can avoid the need for surgeries like root canals or dental implants or dentures later in life. When you schedule annual dentist check-ups, you will not only prevent potentially harmful health problems, but your teeth will also be whiter, more attractive, and have greater strength and longevity. Regularly scheduling routine dental check-ups for yourself also sets a positive example of good oral healthcare for your children.

Routine Dental Check-up Services We Offer:

Exams and Digital X-Rays

Exams and x-rays are pivotal to maintain the health of the teeth you may not be able to see. For children and adolescents, this means monitoring the state of permanent teeth which have not come in yet, and making sure that they come in properly. For adults, this means monitoring the roots of the teeth and jawbone, and preventing decay and bone loss.

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Oral Cancer Screening

Oral cancer is the sixth leading cancer among men, however it is easily detectable and preventable with annual dentist check-ups. Detecting oral cancer early will prevent even more serious health complications later on. Smokers, regardless of age, are particularly susceptible to oral cancer.

Teeth Cleaning

Teeth cleaning is one of the simplest and most effective routine dentist check-up services. Your dentist will remove bacteria which brushing and flossing can’t, including plaque and tartar that hardens on the surface of teeth over time.

Gum Therapy

Gum disease is a common, but preventable condition that affects many adults. This can cause persistent bad breath, bleeding gums, infections, and other problems. Your annual dentist check-up can address and even reverse gum disease with advanced gum therapy techniques.

Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride treatments are essential to maintain the strength and integrity of your teeth. Bacteria and acids in the foods we eat break down tooth enamel day to day, and fluoride can restore the minerals lost, repairing teeth. Your dentist will apply fluoride treatments at your annual dentist check-up either in a foam or varnish.


Dental sealants are an effective way to prevent cavities and tooth decay, especially for children. During your routine dental check-up you can schedule dental sealant application and your dentist will apply a thin, transparent layer over your teeth, usually your back molars. This process only takes a few minutes for each tooth and it is completely painless.

Crowns and Bridges

If some teeth are missing or damaged, crowns and bridges will prevent further decay. These devices will also restore your smile and make it easier to talk and chew. Ask your dentist about crowns and bridges at your next routine dental check-up.

Invisalign vs Braces


If cavities and tooth decay have damaged your teeth, fillings are the best way to prevent further damage. When bacteria eat through teeth and expose the sensitive tissue inside, it can be very painful. Fillings, as the name implies, fill in this space and prevent further damage.

Dentures and Partials

If you have lost a large number of teeth for any reason, dentures and partials can be an effective solution. These devices are fitted to your mouth and form a removable replacement, making it easier to speak and chew. These replacement devices can also help to prevent some bone loss in the jaw. At your routine dental check-up, ask your dentist about dentures or partials for more information.

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