Same-Day Dental Services: What You Need to Know

Posted on: June 25, 2024 | Blog

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Sometimes you need dental services fast and urgently. You might be looking for relief from dental pain, but it’s not possible to conduct a full treatment in one day. In this blog post, we’ll explain what same-day dental services are available, which require more than one treatment, and which are ideal to schedule at a later day.

Same-Day Dental Services: What You Need to Know

Emergency Same-Day Dental Services

Some situations require emergency dental care, which can be conducted on a same-day basis at certain times. These situations are serious, and require intervention quickly. Without dental care, these situations can quickly get worse. Let’s take a look at a few instances that require emergency same-day dental services.

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Cracked Tooth

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If a tooth is severely damaged and a crack is visible down to the gums, you’re likely to experience a great deal of pain. Your tooth is also very vulnerable to further damage, as well as bacteria. If your tooth is cracked or very visibly damaged, emergency same-day dental care can reduce the pain and protect your health. However, it will take additional appointments to replace the tooth, treat an infection, or resolve other issues.

Post-Operative Complications

If you recently had a tooth removed, a root canal, had your wisdom teeth removed, or had another oral surgery, there’s a possibility of complications after surgery. For example, if the blood clot protecting the surgery site is dislodged—a condition called a dry socket—the surgery site can become infected and the wound might not heal properly. This is an emergency situation that requires same-day dental care.

Tooth Infection

When bacteria overwhelm your immune system, an infection can set in. A tooth infection is a serious condition that can endanger your oral health, and your overall health. If you have a tooth infection, this may be a dental emergency and may require same-day dental care. Your dentist can prescribe antibiotics that will help your body fight off the infection and stop the infection from spreading.

A few different situations can cause a tooth infection. If you recently had surgery, bacteria can sometimes invade the surgery site and multiply quickly. If a cavity goes untreated for too long, these bacteria can also cause an infection.

Hundreds of thousands of Americans visit the hospital each year because of serious, but preventable, conditions like tooth infections. If you have a tooth infection, you might notice a red, painful, irritated area around your tooth or gums, called an abscess. You might also notice persistent pain, bad breath, or discoloration of the tooth or gums that does not go away. If you notice symptoms of a tooth infection, you should visit your dentist as soon as possible.

Loose or Damaged Fillings or Crowns

A filling replaces part of a tooth that was damaged by decay, and fills in the space with a metal or ceramic compound. A dental crown covers a damaged tooth with an artificial cover that mimics the appearance of the actual tooth. If your filling or dental crown falls off or feels loose, this may require same-day dental services. A loose filling or crown can make your tooth very vulnerable to further damage. It can also be quite painful, since the softer parts of your tooth will be exposed. Your dentist can provide a temporary cover over the tooth to reduce pain and protect the tooth until the filling or crown can be placed again.

Additional Treatments

As previously mentioned, some of these same-day dental treatments will require follow-up visits. Here are a few treatments that will require additional care.

  • Dental implants: If your tooth has been damaged and you want to replace it with a tooth implant, this will require a few more visits.
  • Dentures: If you have extensive damage to your teeth, dentures might be a good option. It will take a few visits to craft and fit the dentures to your mouth.
  • Root canal: A root canal can save a tooth that was damaged by decay or infection, but it will require additional visits.
  • Fillings and crowns: Tooth decay can be removed and your damaged tooth can be fixed with a filling or crown, but this will also require additional visits.

If you have a dental emergency and you’re looking for a same-day dentist in Las Vegas, our experts can help. Call our offices at 702-388-8888 to ask about same-day dental services.

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