Bad Tooth Fairy: The Importance of Treating Cavities

Posted on: June 11, 2015 | Blog

Everyone needs to know the importance of seeking treatment for a cavity.

crippled cartoon tooth

From kindergarteners to retirees, people of all ages can get a cavity. Although a cavity may not seem serious, it can actually lead to a number of health problems if left untreated. Here are some of the potential consequences.


A cavity can certainly lead to a serious infection. Aside from the constant pain, the infection may eventually spread. If the bacteria reaches deep within the tooth, there is a good chance that the person may need a root canal. In certain instances, the infection could leak into the person’s bloodstream. This may prove to be a very dangerous situation. Unlike a sprained ankle or a scarred leg, a decayed tooth cannot heal on its own.

Loss of Tooth

When a person has a cavity, the infection gradually eats away at the enamel. While the damage may not be obvious at first, it will eventually begin to look extremely unsightly. After months of avoiding a trip to the dentist, the tooth could be completely destroyed by a cavity. If the tooth cannot be saved, the person may begin to experience a loss of self-esteem. Fortunately, dentists in Las Vegas can help to prevent this issue.

Trouble Eating

Most people love eating a scrumptious dish. Unfortunately, a cavity can ruin the experience of enjoying a tasty meal. Due to the discomfort and sensitivity of the tooth, the person may have to chew on only one side of their mouth. Over time, this can get to be extremely frustrating. Furthermore, you may have to stop eating some of your favorite foods.