Is It Safe For My Child To Visit The Dentist During COVID-19?

Posted on: November 10, 2020 | Blog

Visiting the dentist can be a cause of anxiety for some children and adults too. The spread of COVID-19 has added a new layer of nervousness to a dental visit. Many parents wonder if it is safe to visit the dentist during COVID-19, both for themselves and for their family. With proper safety measures in place, which Boston Dental Group has enacted at every location, it is safe to visit your dentist during COVID-19.

Is it Safe to Visit the Dentist During COVID-19?

In short, yes. It is safe to visit your dental office during COVID-19, both for you and your child. Good dental hygiene is essential for your health. Forgoing your dental health can increase your risk of developing cavities, infections and other issues that can weaken your immune system. Researchers at MIT recently analyzed the risk of contracting the novel coronavirus against the necessity of visiting a business, and found that the benefits of dental visits far outweighed the risk. Let’s take a closer look at what we’re doing to keep our communities safe.

Following Regulations, Recommendations and Research

staff members wear face shields during exams and treatment

The CDC, OSHA, the Nevada state health department, and other organizations have made rules, regulations and recommendations for many different businesses when dealing with COVID-19. All of our dental offices have carefully monitored these rules, and followed them. We understand the importance of reducing the spread of COVID-19 and keeping our patients and staff members safe.


Dental offices already take great care to eliminate germs and bacteria, and keep offices clean and sanitary. The use of masks and gloves, for example, is already a requirement for staff in dental offices. We also thoroughly sanitize tools, chairs, devices, and surfaces. In addition to these measures, we’ve added safety and sanitary procedures during the outbreak of COVID-19, such as using face shields and equipment to reduce aerosols, which we’ll discuss later in the posts. We also require all patients to wear their own face coverings throughout their visit, except during their exam and treatment.

Health Checks and Appointments

At this time, all dental visits are scheduled by appointment only. This allows us to monitor and limit the number of people in the office. We also ask that children be accompanied by one adult only, and that adult patients arrive alone. Before your appointment, we’ll ask you about your recent health status, and risk factors, such as places you’ve recently traveled to. If you have a fever, cough, shortness of breath, or you’ve recently been in contact with someone who has contracted COVID-19, we’ll ask you to reschedule your appointment. This is to keep all of our patients, staff, and our community safe. If you have any questions about what to expect from your dental appointment, give us a call.

Social Distancing

social distancing measures at the dentist office during COVID-19

In addition to limiting the number of patients and staff in the office, we also practice social distancing. Social distancing puts approximately 6 feet of space between patients and staff members, wherever possible. This limits the direct contact between people and reduces the risk of infection.

Reducing Aerosols

According to the CDC, the virus which causes COVID-19 most commonly spreads through respiratory droplets, such as when a person coughs, sneezes or talks. These respiratory droplets are called aerosols as they travel through the air. As your teeth are cleaned, these aerosols can be problematic. BDG uses ReLeaf devices to contain aerosols as your teeth are cleaned, and prevent the virus from spreading through the air.

In short, visiting your dentist during COVD-19 is considered by experts to be safer than many of the other places you may have already visited anyway, such as the grocery store or a restaurant. Maintaining your oral health is also essential to maintaining a strong immune system and staying healthy.

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