How Dentists Achieve a Comfortable Fit for Your Dentures

Posted on: January 18, 2016 | Blog

Set of dentures

When you are preparing to get a new set of dentures in Las Vegas, you want to make sure that the finished product will fit comfortably in your mouth so that you can smile naturally and chew your food without pain. Properly fitting dentures require great precision and attention to detail, which is why your dentist uses both manual and digital methods to get an accurate fit.

Manual Measurements

Your dentist will begin by taking measurements of your mouth with dental tools. These measurements include the length of each tooth. These measurements are important so that the artificial teeth created for you in the dental lab do not look toothier than your natural smile did. Artificial teeth that are too long could also make it difficult for you to close your mouth, and they could cause you jaw pain as well.

Digital Measurements

Your dentist will also take digital measurements of your teeth, using computerized x-rays and digital cameras. These images come together to create a three dimensional field of your mouth. so that the fine details of your teeth and how they fit together can be recreated in the dental lab where your dentures are built. These measurements will include the curvature and length of your upper and lower jaws, and the depth of your bone tissue. This is important if you are considering a mini or full implant to hold your dentures into place.


Three dimensional impressions of your mouth are also essential for achieving a perfect fit for your dentures. To make an impression, your dentist will put a gel into a plastic dental tray. The tray will be pressed onto your upper jaw for about two minutes, and then removed. The same is done for your lower jaw. The gel solidifies to make an impression of your teeth.


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