How Cavities Can Form

Posted on: July 31, 2015 | Blog

Dental Hygiene 101: The Top 3 Causes of Tooth Decay

From toddlers to seniors, no one is immune from experiencing tooth decay. Although some people are more prone to getting cavities than others, there are some effective ways to protect your teeth. Here are the top three causes of tooth decay.

Some of the Things That Cause Cavities to Form

Poor Hygiene

In order to keep your teeth looking great, you must consistently practice good hygiene. If you routinely go to sleep at night without brushing your teeth, there is a good chance that a cavity may begin to form. Extremely bad hygiene will basically cause your teeth to slowly rot away. Not only will your smile look less than presentable, but you could get an infection as well. Dentists also recommend that you floss at least once a day. These simple tasks can make a big difference in your health.

Poor Diet

While there is nothing wrong with eating an occasional doughnut or two, consuming an excessive amount of sugar is a recipe for disaster. If the sugar is allowed to remain on your teeth for a long period of time, the enamel will eventually be destroyed. However, sugar is not the only source of cavities. The acid found in soft drinks is just as destructive. Eating a diet that consists of a lot of vegetables will help your teeth to remain health. In fact, foods such as celery actually remove plaque from your teeth.

Dry Mouth

Many people are shocked to learn that a dry mouth can promote cavities. Although the primary purpose of saliva is to help your body to digest food, it also helps to preserve your teeth. If your mouth is not producing enough saliva, there is a greater risk of tooth decay.