Can The Hard Water In Las Vegas Harm My Teeth?

Posted on: September 25, 2016 | Blog

If you live in Las Vegas, you probably already know that we have hard water. But what exactly is hard water, and how does it affect our oral health? Here’s what you need to know about the Las Vegas water supply and your teeth.


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What is hard water?

“Hard water” refers to water that has a large amount of minerals dissolved in it. When water is hard, it can be difficult to produce soap lather. The minerals can also leave behind chalky residue and cloudy spots on fixtures and glass (you’ve probably already experienced this if you live in Las Vegas). But, despite these pesky effects, hard water is perfectly safe for your health—and teeth.

What’s in the water in Las Vegas?

Lake Mead supplies most of the city’s water. The water begins as Rocky Mountain snowmelt and dissolves calcium and magnesium from the landscape’s rocks as it flows to the Colorado River channel. By the time the water has made its way to Las Vegas, it contains enough magnesium and calcium to be officially classified as “very hard.”

lake mead

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Benefits of Las Vegas water

All those minerals in the water are actually a good thing! Calcium is essential for keeping bones and teeth strong, and drinking Las Vegas water is an easy way to make sure you’re consuming enough of the mineral. There is very little risk of consuming too much calcium, since our bodies are naturally able to regulate its intake.

The hard water in Las Vegas is also very good for washing away and neutralizing acid on the teeth. Acidic foods like sodas, coffee, and certain fruits can wear away tooth enamel, leading to sensitive teeth, cavities, and other oral health problems. Dentists suggest drinking water after enjoying a particularly acidic meal, and Las Vegas’ hard, alkaline water is great at neutralizing acids in the mouth.

While the water in Las Vegas may provide a good start to maintaining oral health, you still need to see your dentist regularly. For more information about finding a Las Vegas dentist near you, call BDG at (702) 388-8888 today.



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