A Summerlin Dentist That Cares About The Las Vegas Community

Posted on: January 30, 2013 | Article

It is always nice to go to a family dentist that cares about the community it serves.  There are numerous dentist offices out there, so what makes you choose one over the other?  Sure, word of mouth can sometimes do the trick, or television commercials can get your name out to the public, but what makes patients loyal to a location, bringing them back time and time again?

For Christmas of 2012, BDG decided to do a little extra something for the community.  We decided to make a child’s Christmas that much more special.  Sure, many organizations choose to simply donate money to a cause, or have a few co-workers donate a few hours of their time to a charity, but we wanted to do something different.  We chose to host a writing contest at a local middle school that was primarily made up of students from lower income families.

The BDG contest was called the The Acts of Kindness Project 2012 and was open solely to the students at John C MS Middle School in Las Vegas.  The contest was open to preteens in grades 6 through 8. We wanted to help these students truly appreciate Christmas, while encouraging education at the same time.  Participants had to write and submit a short story about acts of kindness they committed at their school or throughout the community.  Every student was allowed more than one submission as long as it was made as a separate entry.  We received an ample number of submissions and the winners were chosen and awarded in person at John C MS Middle School itself.  Photos of the winners can be found on BDG’s Facebook page.  One winner from each grade walked away knowing they made an impact in the community, and received a free iPad 4 as a prize.

Our Summerlin dentist office retains patients through events like this one.  Sure, you can go to any other dentist, but it’s a great feeling knowing you are seeing a dentist that does not just pocket their profits, but gives them back to children who make a difference.   To learn more about BDG, our Summerlin location or our many services, including teeth whitening in Las Vegas, call (702) 388- 8888 to schedule your appointment today.