Mini Implants in Las Vegas

Are you Tired of Loose Dentures? Consider Mini Dental Implants

Uncomfortable dentures that collect food under them, cause mouth sores and click when you talk can be very inconvenient to your everyday life. BDG offers a modern solution to removable dentures. We can give you both natural-looking and -feeling replacement teeth with implant-supported dentures. We will also determine whether you will benefit from traditional implants or mini implants when you come into any one of our Vegas Valley locations.

The Problem

Dentures by themselves do not function like natural teeth. The average denture user only wears the upper denture 60% of the time and the lower denture 20% of the time. Many do not wear them at all because dentures are unstable and lack retention. We call the lower denture a “floater,” because it floats in the mouth, rather than being securely anchored in place. For this reason, denture wearers cannot eat the same quality of foods that they enjoyed with natural teeth. This results in poor nutrition, poor food digestion and poor health.

In addition, the underlying bone that you rely upon to keep your dentures in place continues to dissolve because the denture does not stimulate the bone like natural teeth do. Dentures actually cause the bone to erode. The more bone you lose over time, the worse your denture will fit. The good news is that dentures retained by implants can solve this problem.

Teeth Anchored Exclusively By Implants

There are two types of implant-retained dentures: removable overdentures and non-removable fixed dentures.

Removable overdentures are traditional dentures that are anchored in the mouth by fitting directly over conventional or mini implants or over a bar connected to the conventional implants. Because they fit over the implants, we call them overdentures. These dentures are removable and have to be taken out after meals and at night and in the morning for cleaning. You treat these dentures like regular dentures.

Non-removable fixed dentures are the next option. These dentures are also called hybrid dentures or fixed detachable dentures. The dentures can be made of regular strength. These dentures stay in the mouth all the time. You treat them like natural teeth, which is brushing and flossing them daily. These types of implant-retained dentures are anchored by five or more implants per jaw. The non-removable fixed denture replacement teeth are classified as permanent (not removable), although dentists can take them out if necessary without damaging the underlying implants. A fixed detachable gives the patient the best function next to natural teeth.

The non-removable fixed dentures are the stronger of the two types of implant-retained dentures.

Benefits of Replacement Teeth with Implant-Supported Dentures

For the denture wearer, implants can mean a life without pain, without embarrassment, and without unhealthy eating habits. For many, implants offer the patient a one and only chance to have replacement teeth that function like natural, healthy teeth.

Recent studies have shown that implant-supported dentures increase biting forces up to 10X within the first year and can increase biting forces up to 300X over the next three to five years. Imagine what it’s like to chew, speak and smile with ease again. Implants are the single best thing that has ever happened in dentistry for the denture wearer.

The implant dentures that are removable are typically used when the non-removable fixed denture cannot be done. This is used where there is limited bone or when trying to keep cost to a minimum.

When there is minimal bone, mini implants can also be used to retain the denture.

Should You Choose Mini Dental Implants in Las Vegas?

Implant-supported dentures are great for patients with:

  • Unsalvageable teeth
  • Bridges you are unhappy with
  • If you want to chew better
  • Loose teeth
  • Unstable or ill-fitting dentures or partial dentures
  • Painful dentures or partial dentures
  • Loss of taste due to large upper dentures
  • Bone loss due to removable dentures or partial dentures

We will carefully examine your oral status, bone density, and medical history to determine whether full or mini implants would be best for you.

This procedure is done by our in-house periodontist, please call today or schedule an appointment!

Mini Implant retained Dentures
Mini Implant retained Dentures (RP-5))

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