Why You Should Consider Having Wisdom Teeth Removed

Posted on: January 29, 2015 | Blog

For many years, there has been a debate among the general public and dentists in Las Vegas about wisdom teeth. The debate concerns whether they should be removed or left in the mouth, delving into when they should be removed and if extraction is the right treatment. Here are a few main reasons why you should have your wisdom teeth removed.

wisdom teeth being removed

Location in the mouth

Since wisdom teeth are so far back in the mouth, tooth decay and periodontitis can occur. These teeth are very difficult to clean and oral hygiene can hard to keep up. If the wisdom teeth start to decay, they can cause issues in the rest of the mouth. These teeth can become partially or completely erupted, which makes them very vulnerable to food particles and cavities.

TMJ issues

Sometimes, there isn’t enough room in the mouth and dental crowding becomes an issue. This can cause TMJ from the muscles and ligaments getting stretched in ways they are not meant to be stretched. If the jaw begins to intermittently lock or click, it can be a sign of TMJ issues. This damage may not be reversible and dentists may recommend having wisdom teeth pulled to help keep this type of issue from happening.

Quick healing if done early

Most dentists recommend wisdom teeth extraction before the age of 18. When it’s done this early in life, the healing time is much quicker. The body heals much sooner compared to when you’re older. After the age of 25, the bone and dental arch will harden, which makes extractions harder and the healing time longer.

Straighter teeth

If you’ve gone through orthodontic treatment, a dentist will often recommend wisdom teeth extraction. This is due to the wisdom teeth pushing on the other teeth, as well as the possibility of those teeth becoming crooked. Extraction helps to ensure your other teeth stay straight and healthy.

Crowded mouth

One of the most common reasons for a wisdom tooth extraction is the lack of room in your mouth. Individuals with smaller mouths may need to have these teeth pulled to ensure their mouth doesn’t become crowded.

These are the main reasons why a dentist may recommend the extraction of wisdom teeth. Whether you’ve had braces in the past or have a mouth that is too small, having your wisdom teeth pulled may be necessary. It’s important to get the opinion of your dentist before making any type of decision.