Dental Destinations: Where to Go to Get Your Kids Excited About Dental Hygiene

Posted on: October 9, 2012 | Blog

If you’ve ever had the experience of caring for a child, you know that brushing their teeth is far from the top on their list of priorities. As parents or caretakers, we only want what is best for our kids, but sometimes different priorities can cause a conflict of interest. So what are we to do when our little ones would rather be out and about instead of brushing or flossing? As with most things concerning children, the golden rule of thumb is: don’t try to fight your child every step of the way. This pearl of wisdom will take you far. With that in mind, why not turn the daily chore of brushing into something your child will genuinely be interested in? Here’s a look at some dental themed works of art from around the world that can perk your child’s interest in teeth.

1: The Dunedin Waterfront in New Zealand

New Zealand is home to some of the largest wisdom teeth around. These sculptures sit next to the waterfront in Dunedin, and are equipped with an irrigation system in the middle to mimic the effects of dental decay.

giant tooth statue on the beach.
Statues of wisdom.
photo credit: 25kim via photopin cc

2: The Halcyon in Brooklyn

This little shop in Brooklyn features artwork on a regular basis. You can catch the Dunny show for all kinds of bunny shaped themes, including teeth.

rabbit made of teeth
“I like to keep spare teeth around just in case.”
photo credit: superk8nyc via photopin cc

3: The Sarasota Bayfront in Florida

The Sarasota Bayfront hosts the Season of Sculpture; and event where fabulous and sometimes mysterious sculptures are gathered into one place. Check out this larger than life statue of a tooth.

giant statue of a tooth in Florida.
“Think how long it would take to brush me.”
photo credit: rusty one via photopin cc

4: The Garden Park Conservatory in Illinois

What better way to introduce the anatomy of a tooth than to get up close and personal with the teeth of a giant? The Garden Park Conservatory in Chicago offers just that opportunity.

Giant rainbow skull
Yes, teeth are part of your skeleton.
photo credit: marc7654 via photopin cc


 5: “The Elevated Wetlands Sculptures” in Toronto, Canada

These “teeth” have solar panels in them that allow the roots to transport water and nutrients to the top of the tooth, just like the roots of a real tooth. You can find them at the intersection of Don Mills Road and Don Valley Parkway in Toronto.

tooth sculpture in Canadian wetlands
Don’t worry, real teeth don’t sprout trees.
photo credit: postbear via photopin cc


Whether you travel out of the state or country, or decide to do something a little closer to home, the important thing is to have fun with it. Don’t forget to squeeze in that check up while your child’s head is still fresh with dental imagery. If you’re looking for dentists in Las Vegas, contact Boston Dental Group at (702) 388-8888.




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