What to Do in a Dental Emergency Situation

Posted on: January 13, 2016 | Blog

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Just like any medical emergency, when you find yourself facing a dental emergency there are certain things you should do to aid in your injury. By following these simple steps, you may be able to save lost teeth or dull the pain from other dental issues while you are on your way to the dentist office. Emergency dentists are available around the clock to meet these emergency needs.

When a Tooth Is Knocked Out

If you have had a tooth knocked out and it still has the root attached, you may be able to save the tooth. First, rinse off the tooth with warm water without touching the root at all. If possible, you can slip the tooth back into the socket to preserve it while you head to the dentist. If this is not possible, keep it between your cheek and gum or soak it in milk until you arrive. Try to avoid placing the tooth in paper towels or touching the root at all. Your tooth may be able to be saved.

How to Handle Tooth or Jaw Pain

If you find yourself with an unbelievable toothache, you can try the following. First, try to floss around the tooth. In many cases, a small particle of food is stuck and is causing the pain and this will stop the problem. If it is too painful, or you do not get relief, rinse your mouth out with warm salt water a few times to sanitize your mouth and then apply ice packs to the outside area on your way to the dentist. If it is an infection or other issue, your dentist will issue antibiotics and pain medications to help the problem then schedule you a treatment date to correct the problem.

Other Issues

Other dental issues such as a cracked tooth should be handled much the same way as a toothache. Rinse and sanitize the mouth and apply ice until you reach the dentist. These simple tips can help you through this difficult time and will help the dentist treat your condition more effectively.




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