Vegas Dentists Rejoice: Nevada Residents Have Healthy Teeth

Posted on: March 12, 2013 | Blog

toothbrush w/ paste

Residents of Nevada and Las Vegas dentists have something new to be proud of: according to a recent report, people in southern Nevada have better oral health than most other Americans. Nationwide, 10.1% of people aged 18-65 have lost six or more teeth due to infection, tooth decay, or gum disease; but here in the Las Vegas area it’s only 9.9%.

In addition, while the national obesity rate has risen to 35.7%, here in southern Nevada we have a significantly lower obesity rate of 26.5%. So while the healthcare and dentistry in this part of the country is certainly not perfect, we’re definitely doing something right. So keep exercising, eating right, and taking good care of your teeth. Who knows, in a few years Vegas could be the healthiest place in America.

Main photo by Glenn