Using a Physical Examination Helps Diagnose Oral Cancer Sooner

Posted on: October 21, 2015 | Blog

Oral Cancer: The Importance of Physical Examinations in Saving Lives

Oral cancer is not one of the most well-known cancers. It does not have its own color or its own awareness month. Thousands of people do not walk in protest of it every year. However, oral cancer is dangerous. Of the 36,500 Americans who end up with this kind of cancer, nearly 8,000 will die.

Like most cancers, early detection combined with effective treatment plays a significant role in reducing the deaths from disease. Unlike other cancers, the earliest stages of oral cancer can be detected in the mouth from the beginning.

Unfortunately, some of these lesions are disregarded or treated on their own rather than as part of a bigger problem. To help make sure that nothing goes amiss, you should check your own mouth when you feel that something has gone wrong.

Using a physical examination helps diagnose oral cancer sooner

Warning Signs

The warning signs of oral cancer are often lesions inside your mouth. These lesions might be red or white. Red lesions are particularly suspect because they are more likely to develop into cancer than white lesions.

However, do not fret at the first sight of a mouth lesion. They remain common and often heal themselves. Nevertheless, if your lesions do not heal after two weeks, you should ask your dentist to give you a thorough physical examination.

Heightened Risks

Oral cancer can happen to anyone. However, most cases are often linked with heavy smoking and heavy consumption of alcohol. These activities result in poor dental health on their own. However, when used together, they post a much greater risk for diseases.

See a Dentist for an Exam

If a thorough examination is not already a part of your regular visit, then you should insist that your dentist in Summerlin performs them regularly. If you have a higher risk or are worried about serious lesions, you should take your health into your own hands and encourage a thorough examination to help catch disease early.




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