Tooth Trends: Dental Tattoos

Posted on: September 28, 2012 | Blog

Remember the simple childhood joy of temporary tattoos? Some are trying to recapture that feeling by creating temporary tattoos on an unlikely surface – teeth. That’s right, you can now have a custom image painted onto your tooth for a truly unique look. The practice is not exactly mainstream, but there are a growing number of dentists who are willing to do this procedure. Enthusiasts claim that the tattoos only last a few months and do not damage the teeth.

picture of a molar with a laptop painted on it.
At least you won't regret this 10 years later...
photo credit: I am a Pear via photopin cc

Tattoos can range from simple objects or letters to elaborate portraits or logos. One man even had his two front teeth tattooed with Prince William and Kate Middleton in celebration of their wedding. The main drawback to this new trend is that unless you are standing very close to the person, the tattoos may just look like food stuck on the teeth. While people might notice these smiles more, we can’t be certain that the attention will be positive. Of course, nothing is more eye catching than a  pearly white smile. For teeth whitening in Las Vegas, there’s no better place than Boston Dental Group.