Tooth Trends: Dental Fangs

Posted on: September 18, 2012 | Blog

With the numerous vampire shows, books and movies that have recently hit the market, it is no secret that people have become a little obsessed with the creatures of the night.  From Twilight to Tru Blood, many people want to enter an alternate reality even if it simply means escaping normalcy for only a few moments.

vampire fangs

Photo by Justin McIntosh

As a result, dental fangs have become more and more popular.  There are removable forms as well as more permanent wear.  The permanent form includes shaving of natural teeth into a pointed shape as well as dental caps to keep the tooth stable.  Temporary forms are more like dental partials, but they go over existing teeth rather than replacing missing ones.

If you are going for a look for Halloween then consider the reasonably priced alternatives that are sold at drugstores and Halloween shops nationwide.  Your Las Vegas dentist will be happy to see that you did not damage your natural teeth.