Fang Fashion: A Dental Trend We Can Really Sink Our Teeth Into

Posted on: September 20, 2012 | Blog

Question: What does the tooth fairy do with all those teeth?

Answer:  She makes jewelry, of course!

The average child loses about 20 teeth by the age of 12. Multiply that by the number of children in the world and that adds up to a lot of teeth! While not every culture subscribes to the Tooth Fairy belief, a significant chunk of the world does, which leaves us to wonder; where exactly do all those teeth end up? For some, fallen baby teeth are becoming the hottest new fashion accessory. Here’s a look at some unlikely dental jewelry made to commemorate all those lost teeth.

Teeth mounted on a ring.
Jewelry fit for the tooth fairy.
photo credit: the justified sinner via photo pin cc


Wear Your Tooth as a Ring

Once those teeth fall out, you can have them set in a ring to be preserved for years to come. Put those pearly whites to use in a one of a kind ring.


rings made of teeth
Pearls? Close enough.
photo credit: dusty_pen via photo pin cc

Cast Your Tooth

Find the though of wearing a real human tooth to be a little too creepy? You can also get an exact copy of your tooth cast in metal for a unique replica of your individual tooth.


Casting of a baby tooth.
Talk about a personal touch...
photo credit: rubygirl jewelry via photo pin cc

Make a Tooth Sculpture

If abstract art is what you like, what better material to work with than human teeth? It’s certainly unexpected  to say the least, and it will be sure to catch everyone’s eye.

abstract sculptures with human teeth.
You can always invent a story about how you collected these teeth...
photo credit: the justified sinner via photo pin cc

Turn Your Wisdom Teeth into a Charm Necklace

If you were one of those lucky individuals who have had their wisdom teeth removed, the sturdier roots can be used to make dangling charms on a necklace.

necklace with wisdom tooth charms.
Yes, those are real teeth.
 Photo credit: Jessica Mullen


These unique pieces of work make us rethink the phrase “lose a tooth.” After all, if we carry baby teeth around on a regular basis, we can’t really say they are “lost.” Just keep in mind that healthy teeth don’t make good jewelry! To help make sure your permanent teeth stay in your mouth, stop by BDG, the top dentists in Las Vegas.