The Advantages of Dental Implants

Posted on: June 19, 2015 | Blog

A study by the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons shows that 70 percent of Americans will be missing at least one tooth by age 44. The reasons for this can range from an accident to tooth decay. People with significant tooth loss have often relied on dentures that fit into a person’s mouth. However, many people have found that dental implants are a convenient alternative to dentures Las Vegas that gives them more confidence in their smile and the quality of their oral health.

Dentist and patient examining x-ray

Reasons for Getting Implants

Implants are installed into a patient’s mouth during a surgical procedure. Unlike dentures that may slip out when a person is eating or talking, implants become part of a person’s mouth. People with implants can go about their lives as if they had their original teeth with other people never knowing that their teeth aren’t natural.

Candidates for Implants

Many people choose to get dental implants if they are only missing one or two teeth and they want to improve the aesthetics of their smile in a way that dentures can’t provide. However, implants can also serve as a long-lasting alternative to dentures. As long as a patient has a healthy jaw and gum line, there’s a good chance that they can safely receive dental implants.

The Implant Process

The procedure for getting dental implants is very straightforward. An oral surgeon inserts titanium screws into a patient’s jaw to serve as the anchor for the implants. After post-surgical healing has taken place, the replacement teeth are attached to the screws. This procedure provides permanent results and can cut down on infections.