Food Stained Teeth? Check Out Teeth Whitening in Las Vegas

Posted on: March 22, 2012 | Blog

Are you teeth starting to look a little discolored recently?  You should be looking at the foods you have been consuming.  Some foods will almost instantaneously stain your teeth while others have more long-term effects.  But either way, yellow or even brown teeth will easily make you look older or even unhealthy.

First, think about the beverages you commonly drink.  As we all know, water is the healthiest liquid to digest, but it is not always the drink of choice.  Water quenches the thirst, but does not necessarily satisfy the taste buds. So we as individuals resort to soda, energy drinks, coffee, sports drinks, alcohol and more. Wine and coffee are two liquids that truly stain teeth.  Wine has a very prompt effect.  Right after drinking a tall glass of wine your lips, tongue and teeth will become stained.  And the more you drink the worse the effects are.  Coffee has a more gradual effect.  Your teeth may not appear to be discolored right away, but after a few weeks of steady intake your teeth may start to become yellow.  Soda, energy drinks and sport drinks not only discolor teeth, but they also damage the enamel.  They are so high in sugar that someone who steadily drinks them will not only notice their teeth looking different they will start to feel different as well.  Plaque build up can increase and so may your amount of cavities next time you visit the dentist.

Las Vegas dentists will also ask you the type of foods you consumer.  Have you ever eaten an Oreo?  The chocolate external wafer becomes stuck to the crevices in your teeth right away.  And this goes for many sticky sweets like fudge, chewy cookies, caramel based candy and many others.  And sweets are not the only culprit.  As good as citrus fruits may be for our immune system; we cannot say the same for our teeth.  Highly acidic foods actually wear down the enamel on teeth. And fruits also consist of natural sweeteners that are also damaging to our pearly whites.

After drinking or eating any of the above items make sure to drink plenty of water.  And if you are not home and cannot brush your teeth right away there are great new whitening and cleaning products for people on the go.  One great product is Colgate’s new Wisp product. They have both whitening and regular wisp toothbrushes.  They are great to have on hand in your car or purse for fresh breathe and a white smile.  Teeth whitening in Las Vegas is especially popular since the hospitality industry is thriving in Sin City and employees always should be sporting a smile.  So watch what you eat and your white smile will leave a lasting impression for years to come.


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