The Top 5 Scariest Movie Monster Mouths

Posted on: October 31, 2012 | Blog

Horror movie monsters are famous for the primal dread they bring to the human conscious and the best of them do it with but a smile and snarl of their pearly whites. And so, here is a list of the top five feasting fangs of Hollywood horror movie monster icons:

5. Dracula

Beware the bite!

Dracula proved it was cool to be proud of holding high standards in oral hygiene. At once enticing and
horrifying, the eyes are drawn to the perfect, pointed, pearly-whites as they draw forth your doom.
Parents, before you worry about your child’s seemingly unhealthy fascination with vampires, consider
their new found willingness to floss.

4. Werewolves

wolf horror
Run for your lives!

No other image induces the deep primal fear in us than the sight of the dripping jaws of a hungry wolf.
The horror of realizing that you or someone you know could become a werewolf is only slightly lessened
by the knowledge that you will gain such wonderful canines.

3. Alien

Even extraterrestrial teeth are terrifying...

It is one thing to have a couple pointy cuspids nibbling on you, but the teeth of monsters beyond the
stars are the stuff of tooth grinding nightmares. The Alien from the blockbuster movie series perhaps
remains the most terrifying patient a dentist can imagine. While an outer set of teeth try to bite you, a
hidden inner set springs out snapping and spiting acid. Keep some sugar-free lollipops handy.

2. Tyrannosaurus Rex

t rex
Good luck escaping that monstrous bite!

The T-Rex has a history that goes much further back than the movies or even human beings so they fit
into both the real world and alien categories, as monsters go. Where they beat out the others, so far, is
in sheer size of mouth. Being bitten by something as large as a wolf is one thing but being gobbled up in
one chomp is unthinkable…

1. Jaws

Wouldn't want to be caught between those teeth!

…Unless it is a giant shark. Jaws is not only the scariest tooth-related horror movie ever made but also
holds the best title ever conceived for this list. The Megalodon shark is all other monsters rolled into
one; it has a mouth big enough for a small party, lives in an alien environment and presents the ultimate
view of a toothy demise.


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