Should Baby Teeth be Removed from a Child?

Posted on: November 3, 2014 | Blog

Parents often want to know if having their child’s baby teeth removed is a good move. Generally speaking, baby teeth will come out on their own.

They will start to fall out once the child reaches a certain age. However, in some cases having primary teeth removed is both beneficial and necessary. Here are three reasons an orthodontist may find it necessary to remove a child’s baby teeth.

A child having his teeth examined by a dentist.

Primary teeth hang around too long

When a child reaches a certain age and his or her primary teeth have not started to fall out that could be a problem. If the primary teeth stick around past a certain point it will negatively affect the growth of the permanent teeth. For example, if a lower primary canine has not fallen out by the age of 12 it will probably need to be removed.

Infection or trauma

If the primary teeth have become infected or suffered some form of trauma it may be beneficial to have them removed. When this happens, the dentist will use what is known as a space maintainer. The idea is to maintain the space where the tooth was extracted from. This is very important and if a space maintainer isn’t used other teeth may start to shift to the area. When that happens, a host of other problems may occur.

Permanent teeth coming in sooner than expected

Sometimes permanent teeth will start to come in a bit early. This most commonly happens in the upper canine area and the lower anterior area. In this situation removing the baby teeth is a necessity.

However, it does not correct the main problem which is too many teeth growing in one location, or crowding. Pulling baby teeth will never correct the problem of crowding. It may not be an issue right now, chances are it will be later on down the road.

If at all possible the primary teeth should be maintained or restored. The idea is to let them stay in until the permanent are ready to come in. This is because the primary teeth preserve the spacing for the permanent teeth to come in. If the permanent teeth are missing for some reason you will need to work with the orthodontist to come up with the best solution for the child.

Every child and every case is different. Speak with one of the experienced dentists in Las Vegas to see what the best solution will be for your child.