Readying Your Child for Regular Dental Visits

Posted on: January 5, 2015 | Blog

Getting your little ones geared up for regular dental visits can be challenging. If they don’t know what to expect before their first visit, the idea of going to the dentist can seem frightening. Since regular visits should begin just after the first tooth surfaces, you’ll want to get them at least familiarized with the dentist as soon as possible. Here are a couple strategies to ease your children into regular visits to the dentist.

child at dentists office

Practice at Home

Many parents have found it helpful to start the familiarization process before even having their child step foot in a dentist’s office. Have your kids get used to opening their mouths wide enough for you to look around inside and count their top and bottom teeth. Make sure to let them know that the dentist will do the same when they go in for their check-up.

“Bring your Child to the Dentist” Day

You are your child’s most influential role model. Seeing mom or dad getting through a dental exam pain-free and unscathed could be exactly what he or she needs to see that the dentist’s office is not a scary place.

Barring scheduling restrictions, most dentists are more than happy to help get children warm up to the idea of dental exams. This is typically done by showing kids their dental tools, and even letting them sit in exam chairs for a mock exam. If you want to include this method in your child’s familiarization, let your dentist know ahead of time so s/he can block out a bit of extra time for your appointment and your child’s mock exam.

Making sure your child feels comfortable with regular dental visits is the best way to set a strong foundation for lifelong oral health. Get your child set up with one of the top dentists in Las Vegas by calling Boston Dental Group today at (702) 388-8888.