Properly Cleaning Teeth While Wearing Braces

Posted on: January 31, 2016 | Blog

Man in a suit with braces

When you wear braces, certain foods are off limits for good reason. Some foods can become wedged between the metal bands of the braces and are nearly impossible to clean out of your teeth. However, despite the benefits of braces, they do make it more difficult to clean teeth properly. Here are a few ways to make sure your teeth are spotless, even while wearing metal bands on them.

Rinse with Water

Before you brush your teeth, rinse your mouth out with water. Make sure to swish it around very well inside your teeth. This helps to loosen any food that might be lodged and to soften up any debris. Even if you don’t wear braces, doing this before brushing can result in a more effective cleaning.

Replace Your Toothbrush More Often

Most toothbrushes are replaced every three months, but the metal on the braces can wear down the bristles more quickly. It’s advised to replace a brush at least every two months, rather than three. Opting for a brush with end-rounded bristles will allow you to more effectively reach between the braces and your teeth and remove any debris that may be stuck in there.

Use a Floss Threader

A floss threader is a tool that allows dental floss to get underneath the wires of the braces. This is a highly effective tool for flossing and cleaning teeth while wearing braces. You can always ask your orthodontist for a recommendation in regards to the specific kind of interdental cleaner that may work best for you.

While braces will not damage your teeth (and work to give you a better smile), it’s all for naught if you fail to maintain proper oral hygiene while wearing them. Ensuring you properly clean your teeth will give you fresh breath and help prevent the scent of decaying food that is so prevalent among those with braces that don’t clean them properly. Speak with your dentists if you find yourself unable to get a thorough deep clean with your braces on.




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