Mom Tips: Mothers Share Their Secrets on How to Get Kids to Brush

Posted on: June 10, 2014 | Blog

We all want the best for our kids, but sometimes they don’t see eye to eye with us when it comes to daily tasks like brushing their teeth. The best way to find a routine that works is through trial and error. Fortunately, these moms are willing to share their real-life tips on how they get their kids to brush.

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1. Lead by example

Kids (especially toddlers) love to mimic behaviors they see adults do. Take advantage of this trait and let your kids watch you brush your teeth on a regular basis – they’ll want to start doing it on their own in no time.

2. Proper motivation

If your children are a bit older, highlighting the importance of brushing with a little cause-and-effect might do the trick:

 3. Let them see their progress

Seeing their progress in a tangible form really helps kids get excited about brushing, and it teaches them to internalize it as a daily routine. Consider keeping a chart or scoreboard near the bathroom, or even adding prizes when your child completes a certain number of brushing session.

 4. Empower them!

As your little ones grow, they often want to be a “big kid” and make more decisions on their own. Letting them brush their teeth on their own can make them feel empowered and independent.

5. Work with them

Does your child look forward to a specific part of the routine? Maybe your child likes to play with water, or squeeze the toothpaste out of the tube. Play up your child’s favorite parts to help get them into it.

 6. Get the dentist involved!

Introducing your child to positive experiences with the dentist will help instill good oral health habits and make the process fun. A good family dentist will involve both you and your child in the process, and get your kids to look forward to brushing.

No matter how you approach it, taking the time to teach good brushing habits to your children will have endless rewards both long and short term. To learn more about dentistry for kids, or to find a dentist in Las Vegas, contact us at (702) 388-8888.

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