How to Pay to Get Dental Work Done Without Insurance

Posted on: August 7, 2015 | Blog

How to Pay to Get Dental Work Done Without Insurance

Whether an individual is in between jobs or works for company that doesn’t offer dental insurance, one thing is for sure: they need access to a qualified dental hygienist. Just because someone doesn’t have dental insurance doesn’t mean they will be turned away by dentists. Instead, they should check in with different offices to see what types of payment options they offer.

How to Pay to Get Dental Work Done Without Insurance

In-Office Financing for Dental Work

Most dental offices offer financing for dental services. They understand that not everyone has dental insurance. If a visit to a dentist without insurance is in the near future, the patient needs to inquire about payment plans before scheduling the appointment. This way, the patient can rest assured that he or she will be taken care of, while the dental office proceeds with approving the financing and scheduling the required dental procedures.

Outside Loans for Dental Procedures

If applying for financing at the dentist’s office seems like too much trouble, the patient can instead seek out an outside loan if funds are not available. There are thousands of companies who are able to able to help people who are in need of medical attention. One’s credit will usually greatly impact the resulting sum, so it is advised to have decent credit before applying.

Paying for the Dentist Visit With Credit Cards

Most dentists across the country will accept most major credit cards for copays and procedures without a hassle. Many people have swapped over from cash to plastic charge cards for a majority of life’s purchases, reducing the likelihood of carrying cash. In addition, most offices will not accept cash as a form of payment for services. There are varying safety concerns and conveniences that are associated with this. Paying via credit card is always going to be the easiest, quickest way to pay for a dental office visit when insurance just isn’t an option. Patients should always call ahead to ensure that the dentist’s office is able to process the credit card that is on hand, some providers such as American Express aren’t as widely accepted.