How to Keep Your Breath Fresh While on the Road

Posted on: April 24, 2015 | Blog

Whether you’re driving across the state or across the country, spending many hours on the road can wreak havoc on your dental hygiene routine. As a result, you may suffer from bad breath during your trip. If the sales clerk at the roadside food stand takes a step back when you place your sandwich order, this is a sure sign that your breath isn’t quite as fresh as it could be. These tips will help you keep your breath fresh and your teeth clean between hotel stops while traveling.

keeping your breath fresh while traveling

Stay Hydrated

When you’re taking a road trip, you may become dehydrated. Making frequent pit stops slows you down or you may be traveling through an area with minimal rest stops and bathroom facilities. Keep hydrated with bottled water. The water helps keep odors to a minimum. Dentists in Las Vegas recommend drinking 8 to 10 cups of water daily for optimal health of your teeth.

Chew Gum

Unless you have TMJ or your dentist has advised against it, chewing sugar-free gum can also help to keep your breath fresh. Sugar-free gum comes in many flavors. Choose mint for a fresh scent to your breath. The chewing action will stimulate your salivary glands, which helps to reduce bacterial growth in your mouth. This also helps to eliminate bad breath and keep your teeth healthy.


Even if you have to eat in the car, you can still keep up with some basic dental hygiene. Use flossers or floss picks to remove food particles from between your teeth. Getting the food particles out helps reduce the risk of bad breath. Bring along a travel size tube of toothpaste, an inexpensive disposable toothbrush and a bottle of water so you can brush your teeth at rest stop bathrooms.