How to Choose the Best Flossing Method for Your Teeth

Posted on: February 4, 2016 | Blog

Woman flossing her teeth

During your semi-annual check up with dentists in Las Vegas, you will likely be reminded about the benefits of flossing your teeth. Flossing helps to remove particles of food that get stuck between your teeth. The floss may be able to reach areas of your mouth that the toothbrush cannot. With all the different flossing tools on the market, deciding which type to use can be challenging. Consider the advantages and disadvantages of each major method for flossing your teeth.

Dental Floss

Waxed or wax-free dental floss is the most popular way to floss your teeth. You can find dental floss in a variety of flavors, including mint and cinnamon. Unflavored floss is also available. Some thicker types of dental floss are also available. These products are usually referred to as dental tape. Using dental floss is a simple method to release food that is stuck around your teeth.


Small, handheld flossers are also available for flossing your teeth. These small tools consist of a plastic handle with a “C” shaped head. A small piece of dental floss is mounted on the ends of the “C”. The handle makes it easy to floss around each of your teeth without having to wrap a long piece of floss around your fingers. Each flosser is meant to use on all of your teeth. After one flossing session, the flosser should be thrown away.

Air and Water Flossing

Air flossers are electronic devices that use a small jet of air to push food particles from between your teeth. There are no strings involved. The air flosser has a built-in rechargeable battery. A similar product is the water pick. A water pick flosser uses a pressurized stream of water to help loosen any food that is stuck between your teeth.


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