How to Care for Your Child’s First Lost Baby Tooth

Posted on: April 13, 2016 | Blog

Child speaking with her dentist

Losing a baby tooth is a milestone event for every child. Many children get excited about becoming more grown up and having a visit from the “tooth fairy.” It is important to know about how to care for a lost tooth, especially if the baby tooth comes out before it was developmentally ready to do so. Dentists who care for children offer special care if your child experiences a dental emergency such as having a baby tooth accidentally knocked out.

Baby Tooth Emergencies

If the baby tooth that fell out of your child’s mouth was not previously loose, this could be a dental emergency. When a child falls or gets hit in the mouth, a baby tooth could get knocked out. This can be painful and there could be additional dental damage. It is a good idea to call your dentist so that you child can be seen for an emergency evaluation.

Caring for Your Child’s Mouth

Check to make sure that the entire tooth fell out of your child’s mouth. If only part of the tooth came out, your dentist may need to manually remove the attached portion. If there is any tissue still connecting the tooth to your child’s mouth, contact the dentist. Otherwise, your child may gargle some warm water with a pinch of salt mixed into it. This sanitizes your child’s mouth and helps to rinse out any bad taste.

What to Do With the Tooth

If your child expects a visit from the “tooth fairy” after losing his or her first tooth, you can wrap the tooth in a small plastic container made for teeth. Your child might be interested in having a look at the tooth and touching it to see how it feels.


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