Dentists Worry that Bottled Water May Contribute to Rise in Cavities

Posted on: June 10, 2013 | Blog

If your child is showing signs of tooth decay at an early age and it doesn’t seem on par with the amount of goodies, gum, and soda he or she is consuming, then the next question you want to ask yourself is: What’s in the water?

Or, “NOT in the water” is rather the more appropriate question. A recent study found that at least 45 percent of parents were giving their child bottled water, which, according to scientists, contains less fluoride than regular tap water and thus could be increasing the risk of cavities in your child’s mouth.

bottled water may not be best for teeth

Dentists alike are recommending a trifecta effect when it comes to getting enough fluoride, and that includes:

* visiting the dentist at least annually, if not twice yearly, and receiving a fluoride treatment.
* brushing teeth twice daily with fluoride-filled toothpaste.
* consuming fluoride from a water source.

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