Dental Tips: Don’t Brush Right After Eating (Wait 30 Minutes Instead)

Posted on: October 15, 2012 | Blog

After eating, most of us want to run to the bathroom to brush our teeth. This is especially true when you just get finished snacking on something that isn’t exactly friendly to your breath. However, brushing immediately after eating is actually known to cause damage to your pearly whites. Why is this the case? Well, when you consume acidic food and beverages, you are slowly eroding your tooth enamel. Because the acid from what you are consuming lingers on your teeth, brushing right after tends to just drive the acidic into your teeth rather than get rid of it.

Instead, experts suggest waiting 30 minutes to brush teeth after eating. While you’re waiting, rinse your mouth out with water. This will decrease the amount of acid on your teeth and prep you for brushing. For more tips or information from a skilled and knowledgeable Las Vegas orthodontist or dentist, get in contact with BDG at 702-388-8888.

Wait thirty minutes after eating to brush teeth

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