Caring for Your Dentures While Traveling Across the Country

Posted on: December 20, 2015 | Blog

Dentures in a glass of water

Taking a long road trip is the vacation dream of many. Being able to cruise the roads at your own pace and stop at all of the places that intrigue you allows you to take the time and appreciate this great nation. When traveling with your dentures, you may need to care for them using different methods and techniques than what you use at home, especially if any of your outdoor adventures involve camping or a lack of abundant fresh water. If you do run into trouble with your dentures, a specialist that makes dentures in Las Vegas can help you with emergency repairs so that you can get back to enjoying your trip of a lifetime.

Bottled Water

If you do not have access to fluoridated tap water during a part of your road trip, then you can use bottled water for brushing and cleaning your dentures. Many bottled water suppliers get their water from municipal taps, and you may be able to locate the water’s source and determine its hardness and fluoride levels. This information will help you to prevent staining of your dentures.

Safe Storage

Bring an extra storage container for your dentures. This container should fit the dentures snugly. Recreational vehicles can be bumpy, and if you go onto any dirt roads, your dentures may be bounced around when they are not in your mouth. Too much vibration could loosen the dentures from the plate or cause them to chip.


If you run out of your usual or preferred denture cleanser, hand soap or a mild liquid dish soap can be used as an alternative. You likely already have these items on hand in your camping or recreational vehicle supplies. Avoid using toothpaste or other cleaners on your dentures, as these materials are abrasive and could scratch the surface of the dentures.


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