Ask the Dentist: What Causes Sensitive Teeth?

Posted on: October 22, 2016 | Blog

Sensitive teeth are a common complaint for dentists to hear; but what actually causes this sensitivity? Here are some possibilities.


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(1) Acidic Food

Eating acidic foods like tomatoes may be good for your body, but eating too many of them can erode your tooth enamel. If you don’t want to cut back, try pairing it with something like cheese or milk to neutralize the acidity.

(2) Too Much Mouthwash

Mouthwash itself isn’t bad for teeth, but using it too frequently is. Since it’s acidic, it can start to eat away at tooth enamel if you use too much of it.

(3) Brushing Too Hard

You may think that brushing your teeth harder gets them cleaner, but it doesn’t. Instead, it can cause gum recession or wear away the enamel and expose dentin, which contains small holes that allow hot, cold, and sweet foods to stimulate the nerves in your teeth.

(4) Tiny Cracks in Teeth

Small cracks in your teeth are caused by biting into things like ice or hard candy. When you chew, the edges of the cracks can rub together and cause pain. Even worse, bacteria can get in there and cause painful inflammation.

(5) Teeth Whiteners

Products with peroxide-based bleaching solutions can cause tooth sensitivity in some people.

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