5 Unexpected Things Dentists Can Find Out From Your Teeth

Posted on: September 2, 2014 | Blog

When you’re sitting in that dentist’s chair, you usually have a wad of cotton between your teeth and a couple of surgical tools poking around your gums. Makes it hard to have a conversation, right? Well, it turns out you might not have to say anything at all. By only looking at your mouth, your dentist can figure out some pretty intimate things about your life. Here are five things your dentist knows about you with just one look at your pearly whites:

Dentist drilling
Photo by Conor Lawless


1. Your age

Of course your dentist could just pull this from your file, but your central incisors give it away for you. Younger folks’ central incisors are usually rectangular and rounded, while someone older in age usually sports a squared, shorter look.

2. You’re pregnant

If you have small, red growths on your gums—which are often associated with pregnancy— your dentist might know you’re expecting before you do.

3. You’re stressed

Sensitive gums? Patches of inflammation around your teeth? These symptoms indicate stress, and your dentist will be able to point them out.

4. Your personality

The shape of your canines is associated with certain personality traits. Pointier canines are related to aggressive, powerful types, whereas small teeth are linked to people with meek demeanors.

5. Your bad habits

Signs of wear and tear on your teeth give your dentist a window into your vices. Teeth-grinding is associated with cigarette-smoking, high levels of alcohol consumption, and quick tempers.

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