5 Reasons Your Dentist Wants You To Floss Every Day

Posted on: October 26, 2016 | Blog

For many people, flossing is like an old friend who happens to live nearby: You only see him every so often, but you feel like you should visit every day. And there’s good reasons you should floss every day! Here are five:

5. Brush or Floss? Flossing Wins

If you had to choose only flossing or brushing, most people would choose brushing; but in reality, flossing would be the better choice for protecting your oral health! Seriously. The bacteria that dwell in between your individual teeth can be much more harmful than the bacteria on the rest of the surface. The saliva in your mouth, your tongue, and other foods eliminate a lot of that. Only flossing can remove the rest.

picking the right toothbrush


4. The Bleeding Problem

Many people don’t floss because their gums start to bleed. In reality, healthy gums can’t bleed. Unhealthy gums, on the other hand, have lots of blood in them and so bleed, as your body brings blood to the gums to help fight infection and bacteria.

3. The Truth about the Human Mouth

Our mouths have so many bacteria that it can literally send you into shock if it’s trapped in the body. Gross. When your gums bleed, it’s an open invitation for these bacteria to get into your blood. The bacteria make their way through your body and potentially cause a whole mess of problems – and it can be fatal. Yikes!

2. Flossing and Pregnancy

The same germs that cause gingivitis can also lead to low birth weight (among other complications) for expecting mothers. Bottom line: Floss, baby, floss!

why women who are expecting need to floss

1. When to Floss

In a perfect world, we all floss at night. Overall, however, if you simply make a point of doing it every day, you’re already better off.


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