5 Home Remedies for Tooth Pain

Posted on: February 13, 2014 | Blog

A toothache is painfully inconvenient; and since there could be numerous causes (dental decay, injury, infection, gum disease), you should always consult a dentist to find out the source of your agony. In the meantime, however, here are five things you can try at home to ease the pain.

1. Over-the-counter pain relievers

While these don’t technically count as home remedies, we’re including them because they’re something pretty much everyone has in their medicine cabinet. The easiest thing to do is to take some Ibuprofen or acetaminophen, or any other anti-inflammatory medicine. You can also try an antiseptic ointment that contains benzocaine, but this should only be used for people over the age of 2.


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2. Warm salt water

Believe it or not, salt is known to help relieve the pain of a toothache. Add 2-3 teaspoons of salt to one cup of warm water. Take a sip and swish it around your mouth like you would with mouthwash. Spit it out, take another sip, and repeat the process.

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3. Clove oil

Long known as a safe and effective remedy for toothaches, clove oil can be found at your local health food or nutrition store, if your local pharmacy doesn’t carry it. Soak some of it up with a cotton ball and put it in your mouth, biting down on it with the sore tooth. It is safe to ingest, but your gums may have a slight burning sensation. As an added bonus, clove oil also helps fight bad breath!


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4. Acupressure

Applying pressure to the webbed area of your hand between your thumb and pointer finger is known to help relieve pain. To make it more effective, massage the area with an ice cube. This is thought to help relieve discomfort by interfering with your body’s pain signals. Massage the hand on the same side of your body as your sore tooth for 5-7 minutes.
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5. Avoid extreme temperatures

While it may be tempting to have some hot tea or chew on an ice cube to relieve the pain of your toothache, this could actually cause more harm than good. Extreme heat and cold only exacerbate the problem, so avoid them and opt for something milder.
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Of course, these are only temporary measures until you can get to your dentist. Call BDG today at (702) 388-8888 to schedule an appointment, or ask about and emergency dentist.

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